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Global Recycling Day

Our materials and packaging are carbon neutral and recyclable – even including the tape on our boxes.

In-house 80% of our waste is recycled, including the recycling of our used Digital Press parts & consumables thanks to the Xerox Green World Alliance recycling programme.

This scheme is committed to encouraging responsible and environmental business practices, by minimising environmental impacts of printer supplies and providing options to throwing away empty containers by keeping thousands of tons of supplies out of landfills.

Xerox is one of the leaders in the industry in alternatives for used supplies, including print cartridge reprocessing, waste toner reuse, plastics and metals recovery and turning waste into energy.

Global Recycling Day

We use as much as possible of every printed sheet to minimise waste, passing on any surplus for recycling. This process is called imposition – by using larger sheets that have the individual pages arranged on them in a special way. So as an example for a digitally printed business card we would set it up as 21 copies on a SRA3 page.

Other advantages of imposition include faster printing, folding & binding times – all of which benefit you, our customers.

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