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Graphic Design


Graphic design Sudbury, Suffolk

Our Graphic Designers are on hand to turn your concepts and ideas into stunning reality. We apply our design principles to both printed and online media: clarity, creativity and consistency.

Good design, be it a brochure, website, advert or flyer has the power to convey a clear message to your audience

Our Design and Print Studio is based in Sudbury, Suffolk, but we take customers from all over including Essex, Cambridge, Norfolk, London and further.

Call us on 01787 880 260 or email

Sponsored Vehicle Graphics printed for AJN in Newmarket, Suffolk

Design, print, web

Indigo Ross offers design, print and web services all under one roof – so if you need it, we can also print your marketing materials and create your WordPress website for you.

Indigo Ross
Design services

We create branding for businesses that tells a story and connects. Once you have your brand identity, we help you to apply it in the right way for your business across all of your digital and physical marketing materials.

Our talented designers will apply your branding across a range of marketing materials – posters, leaflets, large format displays, brochures, social media…

Indigo Ross has created unique custom logo designs for businesses of all sizes. Let’s give you a starting point to build your business from.

Packaging that aligns with your brand is essential for your customer experience. How does it look? Feel? Smell? We’ll help you tap into your customers senses with great design, then print and distribute direct from our premises in Suffolk.

La Famiglia Wine Bottle Branding Design, Langton St, London
Beverage Branding Design for The Big Bear Cider Braintree, Essex
Leaflet design and printing for Suffolk Distillery by Indigo Ross in Sudbury, Suffolk
Graphic Design for AJN Steelstock in Sudbury, Suffolk