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Case Study

Precision Made Joinery

Case Study

Precision Made Joinery

Providing a wide range of services for an award-winning Carpentry and Joinery company in Suffolk.

Precision Made Joinery

Cavendish, Sudbury, Suffolk

Carpentry and Joinery

Project objective:
Developing a powerful brand image that reflects Precision Made Joinery’s expertise, dependability, and dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction.

Services Provided:
Logo Design, Graphic Design, Web Design & Development, Email Signature, Business Cards, Print

A cohesive brand presence that resonates with Precision Made Joinery’s values and showcases its capabilities, enhancing its reputation in the industry.

Context and Challenge

Precision Made Joinery, located in Cavendish, Suffolk, operates within the field of Carpentry and Joinery. Committed to delivering top-notch craftsmanship and outstanding customer service, the company understood that a powerful brand image was essential not only to attract new clients but also to reinforce its relationships with existing customers.

The project encountered several challenges, including:

  • Differentiating Precision Made Joinery in a competitive market
  • Effectively representing diverse carpentry and joinery services
  • Translating craftsmanship into visual branding
  • Ensuring consistency across various materials
  • Establishing a compelling online presence
  • Creating a brand identity resonating with internal values and customer expectations
Precision Made Joinery - Notebook
Precision Made Joinery Website Design and Development
Precision Made Joinery - Business Card Design & Print

Solving the problem
with clarity and creativity

Logo Design

Our main focus was on creating a modern and memorable logo that would be at the heart of Precision Made Joinery’s brand. The logo combines sleek typography with a subtle graphical element, giving the impression of precision and craftsmanship. The chosen colour palette conveys trust, sophistication, and a genuine commitment to quality.

Web Design and Development

Our journey began by designing a visually attractive and user-friendly website. This website was tailored to showcase Precision Made Joinery’s services, team, and endorsements from clients. The website’s design was carefully crafted to reflect the company’s dedication to excellence, offering an easy and intuitive browsing experience that effortlessly communicates the company’s capabilities to potential clients.

Business Cards

In the effort to create a strong impact, we turned our attention to designing business cards that would be physical representations of Precision Made Joinery’s identity. These cards were meticulously designed to embody the company’s commitment to excellence, featuring an elegant design that resonates with both clients and industry partners.

Booklet Design and Print

As part of the broader process of transforming the brand, we also worked on creating eye-catching booklet designs and printed materials. This endeavour aimed to capture the essence of Precision Made Joinery’s professionalism and dedication. The design and printed materials not only communicate the company’s core values, but also enhance its reputation as a reliable and skilled presence in the field of carpentry and joinery.

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