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Digital Marketing Packages

All in one Digital Marketing

Indigo Ross can create you a custom digital marketing package to alleviate the pressure of marketing and give you more time to focus on what matters – you running your business!

Our packages are completely modular and bespoke to suit your business – so please get in touch for a quote!

View our Marketing Services below.

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Digital Marketing Services

If you’re looking to outsource your digital marketing then this package is for you.

Below is a snippet of each service, let us know how much input you would like from us, and we will begin creating your bespoke package.

Not hosted with us? Whilst we would prefer to work on sites we host, its not a problem if you organise your own hosting – we can still offer the same solutions.

Please give us a call and our marketing team can put you together a plan to best suit you and your business.


  • An SEO audit report is generated on a monthly basis to assess the health of the website.
  • Technical SEO and implementation are carried out in order to optimise search engine results.
  • A detailed SEO strategy, keyword research, competitor analysis and reporting are undertaken as part of this process.
  • Position tracking, monitoring and backlink auditing also form part of this service; enabling clients to track progress against competitors over time.
  • Monthly reports provide insights into traffic levels, competitor performance and rankings for further evaluation purposes.
  • Schedule creation for your social media posts, this is necessary for successful marketing.
  • Analytics and performance measurement will be used to gauge success.
  • Featured images for each post will be created to draw attention to the post.
  • Story creation and posting to help engage followers on a more personal level.
  • We will stay connected with your customers on social media platforms with interactions, messages, and replies where possible.
  • Social media training to ensure your business is using the best practices when engaging with their audience online.
  • Ads/boosts* can also play an important role in improving visibility of posts across networks such as Facebook or Instagram.

Blog management

  • An effective blog management strategy involves research, including keyword and industry research as well as competitor analysis.
  • The creation of a schedule for blogs is also necessary in order to ensure that posts are regularly published. Scheduling blogs allows for more control over when they are posted online.
  • Blog post optimisation will be done to make sure the content is up-to-date, relevant and engaging.
  • Finally, an analytics overview provides insight into the performance of each blog post so changes can be made if needed.
  • Scheduling of email shots, with analytics and performance measurement being used to evaluate the success.
  • Email testing to ensure everything is reading and functioning correctly.
  • Templates for email shots to be prepared, as well as a clean-up of any existing lists including an end of month email shot.

Marketing review

  • Monthly meetings with a dedicated account manager are incredibly beneficial for businesses. They allow companies to track and measure the progress of their marketing efforts, as well as develop strategies for future success.
  • During these meetings, the account manager will review how the current month has gone and will highlight any areas that need improvement or further attention.

How a client may use our Marketing package

4 Social media posts per month

2 Website blogs per month

2 Email marketing campaigns per month

Search engine optimisation as standard

Monthly marketing review

Sound like we could help?

Our Digital Marketing packages are modular and bespoke to your business, so you can pick and choose as much (or as little!) as you need.

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