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From October 27th 2017, the newer version of Google Chrome was released. This version labeled any site without an SSL Certificate as “non-secure” within the browser bar.

You will be affected by this change if your website contains input fields, asks for passwords or any other sensitive data, or is visited in incognito mode. It is possible that your clients could be put off contacting you if your site is not secure.

To overcome this and add additional security to your site, we will need to install an SSL security certificate. This is not mandatory, but will be in the near future so we would recommend adding this to your website immediately.

The cost for this is £65.00 *plus VAT per year, Contact Us.
Visual Reassurance

An SSL certificate enables the security padlock in the visitor’s browser.

Improved Search Rankings

Google now adds weight to rankings of sites running over SSL.

Increased Conversion Rate

Users are more likely to purchase from a secure website.

We partner with United Hosting who provide Security to our websites.

Visitors to your website need to feel safe, and it’s extremely important to secure the data you store and transmit. A globally recognised SSL certificate from Comodo is essential in transmission of important information such as credit card data, and a requirement for PCI compliance.

SSL goes beyond encryption to provide your visitors with confidence in your brand. Visual benefits include a padlock in the visitor’s browser and a “Trust Logo” graphic to display on your pages boosting confidence in your website. User Trust relates directly to improved sales conversions.

Website SSL Certificate costs £65 a year* with Indigo Ross

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