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Case Study

AJN Steelstock

Case Study

AJN Steelstock

Design, production, and installation of internal graphics to reflect AJNs history, values, and future.

“AJN are exactly the type of company that we enjoy working with; progressive and successful while also being community minded.”

Phil Roper, Managing Director, Indigo Ross

AJN Steelstock

Kentford, Suffolk and Henstridge, Somerset

Fabrication, Manufacturing, Engineering, Construction

Project objective:
Utilising the strong company branding to invoke a feeling of belonging for the team at AJN to feel proud in being part of an amazingly progressive company.

Services Provided:
Graphic Design, Large Format, Print, Signage, Installation

Company values and history are displayed throughout the building, utilising images and graphics, whilst adhering to the brand guidelines.

Context and Challenge

AJN Steelstock, a prominent steel stockholding firm in the UK, operates from two locations. One in Suffolk and the other in Somerset, they have a workforce of over 400 employees. AJN has a stock of approximately 35,000 tonnes and provides delivery services across various industries throughout the country including construction, engineering, and farming. As a family-owned enterprise, AJN Steelstock has been featured in the Top 100 Suffolk Business List as well as The Sunday Times Track 250, highlighting the significance of its brand image.

Having previously collaborated with AJN Steelstock to streamline their branding, we believed it was appropriate to enhance their office ambiance by incorporating visuals and infographics that complemented their brand identity while simultaneously adding vibrancy to their workspace.

Branded AJN Wall Posters and Artwork
Branded AJN Wall Posters and Artwork

Solving the problem
with clarity and creativity

Our collaboration with AJN Steelstock involved a meticulous selection process to identify the most fitting imagery and information for the creation of visuals that would adorn their workspace.

The company’s vision was to depict its history prominently across the office whilst also integrating its health and safety protocols.

By maintaining a neat and uncluttered design approach, we successfully developed visuals that conveyed this information effectively. Through the best use of different materials, lighting, and finishes, we were able to provide an aesthetically pleasing addition to the office space. We also integrated tinted (and branded!) glass graphics to provide an element of privacy to meeting rooms and sensitive areas.

“The brand refining project we undertook with Indigo Ross has established a strong foundation for us to build from in the coming years as we grow AJN Steelstock. They have provided a practical design framework which has enabled us to work faster, smarter and connect with more stakeholders. It was a pleasure to collaborate with the team.”

Marketing Manager, AJN Steelstock