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Top Five Packaging mistakes

Here are five critical mistakes to sidestep in the packaging process:

Avoiding these common packaging pitfalls ensures that your product not only stands out but also delivers a lasting impression that resonates positively with your audience.

At Indigo Ross, we specialise in creating packaging solutions that marry functionality, aesthetics, and brand identity seamlessly.

1) Packaging Sturdiness

Ensure your packaging matches the weight and fragility of your product. If your contents are heavy, opting for a suitably thick material with the right closing method is crucial for secure containment.

We provide expert advice and samples of suitable weight materials to guarantee safety and protection.

2) Packaging Functionality

The opening and closing method of your carton matter. A challenging box to open creates an immediate negative impression of your brand.

Our templates are meticulously designed for your product, focusing on functionality as an integral part of the design process.

3) Packaging Design

Packaging is a visual emotion – a poor design or unreadable content alienates your audience.

Our graphic design team specialises in creating visually compelling layouts that resonate with your brand, ensuring clarity and aesthetic appeal.

4)Product Value Packaging

For high-value products, packaging must align with the contents. Laminates and foils elevate appearance and tactile sensations, enhancing the overall product perception.

We provide sample swatches for a first-hand feel of the final look and quality.

5) Don’t Rush

Precision matters!

Our prototype service offers complete mock-ups, allowing adjustments in shape, size, and finishing. This ensures a meticulous review of the final product against competitors, adhering to the adage ‘measure twice, cut once.’

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