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Introducing Personalised Packaging

The Power of Short Run Custom Packaging

In the past, small quantities of custom packaging posed cost challenges due to die-cutting expenses, limiting options for anything but high-end products.

But times have changed. Enter our newly installed digital die cutter—a game-changer in short-run custom packaging.

Personalised Packaging Indigo Ross Sudbury

Zero Setup Costs, Endless Possibilities.

Our digital die cutter crafts custom-sized cartons without setup costs, allowing thorough testing of size, finishing, and closing methods—all on the same machine.

We kick off by measuring your product and discussing material requirements. Our advanced software tailors the box net specifically for your product, adaptable to various materials and finishes. This process helps us determine if additional strengthening inserts are needed and whether the final product will be glued or interlocked.

Precision Cutting for Impeccable Results

Our cutting systems guarantee precision—crisp and clean cuts on card materials up to 1000 microns and fluted materials up to 3000 microns. This attention to detail ensures a flawless finish, setting your packaging apart.

Advance Your Packaging with Finishing Touches

Material choices play a crucial role, but embellishments enhance appeal. A gloss, matte, or soft-touch laminate introduces a tactile feel, elevating your product’s perceived value. Consider foiling—silver, gold, coloured, or matte finishes—all enhancing visual appeal. Our digital foiler eliminates setup costs, making these enhancements accessible to all.

Tailored Packaging for Success

Understanding your target market and competition influences design, colour, and finish. By assessing your competition, you’ll position your product effectively and fine-tune the finished article. Imagine your custom packaging standing out on any high street shelf!

Make Your Packaging Speak Volumes

At Indigo Ross, we shout from the rooftops with stunning design and unique custom templates, tailored to any product size or weight.

Whether you’re a start-up or an established brand, your packaging must leave an indelible impression on your clientele.

Our range of material thicknesses and finishes, combined with lamination and foiling options, ensures your packaging speaks volumes about your brand.

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