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Your Unique Logo Journey with Indigo Ross

Let’s Redefine Your Brand Together!

Here at Indigo Ross, we’re passionate about crafting special logos that exceed expectations.

Based in Sudbury, we’ve been the creative force behind logos for businesses of all sizes.

If you’re looking for a logo that truly represents you, we’re your go-to standout partner.

Jogs for Dogs - Bespoke Logo Design by Indigo Ross
Logo Design by Indigo Ross
Logo Design by Indigo Ross
Logo Design by Indigo Ross

Tailored Logo Designs

At Indigo Ross, we can offer you a range of custom designs tailored just for you. Whether you want a subtle refresh or a complete corporate makeover, we’ve got you covered. We believe in understanding your business inside out, so our designs can echo your vision.

From Refresh to Transformation

Our goal is simple: to create logos that reflect your brand’s personality and values. Every line, curve and colour is chosen with care to capture the essence of your business. Whether you’re tweaking your existing look or going for a total transformation, we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

A Team Effort – Your Insights Matter

We’re all about teamwork. Your thoughts and ideas are essential to us. Our collaborative approach merges your insights with our creative skills, resulting in a logo that goes beyond design – it becomes a symbol of your dedication to excellence.

Unforgettable Branding

Our custom logo designs are not just images; they powerful tools to make your brand stick in the minds of your audience. We want to help you stand out from the crowd, forging a memorable connection with your customers.

Ready to Redefine Your Brand?

Are you prepared to give your brand a fresh identity? Reach out to us today by calling 01787 880 260 or dropping us an email at

Let’s embark on a creative journey together, shaping a logo that speaks volumes about your brand. Trust us at Indigo Ross – your brand, your logo, our commitment!

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