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Large Format Printing Services

In today’s world of visual communication, size does matter.

Large format printing has become an essential part of many businesses’ marketing strategies, offering the ability to make a bold and lasting impression on potential customers. From vinyls, pop-up banners, exhibition graphics, posters and more, Indigo Ross caters to a variety of promotional needs.


Vinyl printing is an excellent choice for outdoor advertisements, window displays, or any surface that requires a long-lasting, vibrant design. With their durability and resistance to weather conditions, vinyl provide an effective way to brand your products, services, or events without the risk of the design fading or peeling away. Whether you’re aiming to launch an attention-grabbing window display or create a promotional campaign that stands out, vinyl printing has got you covered.

Computer Cut Vinyl Printing, Suffolk, Sudbury

Pop-Up and Pull-Up Banners

Pop-up and pull-up banners are perfect for business events, tradeshows, and conferences, enabling you to set up a professional display efficiently and effectively. They are portable, easy-to-assemble, and lightweight, making them a convenient solution for those who are frequently on the go. Moreover, these banners can pack a punch with large, high-quality graphics that prominently broadcast your message at various events and occasions.

Pull up Banner created for Busy Bees Cosmetics in Sudbury, Suffolk

Exhibition Graphics

Exhibition graphics, such as backdrops, display boards, and floor graphics, play a significant role in creating a unique and memorable visitor experience. Tailor designs to your target audience, using impactful graphics and messaging, to make your exhibit stand out from the rest. When executed correctly, exhibition graphics can provide a sense of immersion, tell a story, and foster an emotional connection with your brand.

Indigo Ross Exhibition Graphics - Large Format Printing

Posters, Canvas Printing, and Outdoor Signage

No matter the size or marketing objective, posters, canvas printing, and outdoor signage remain effective and versatile ways to reach your target audience. From promoting your upcoming event to informing passers-by about your latest sale, large format posters, and signage can spread your message in a visually striking manner. Moreover, canvas printing adds a touch of sophistication to your advertising, with text and images printed on high-quality canvas material, suitable for both private and commercial use.

Branded AJN Wall Posters and Artwork

Vehicle Graphics and Retail Displays

Vehicle graphics provide mobile advertising, transforming your car, van, or truck into a moving billboard. Whether it is a full wrap or prominent logo decals, vehicle graphics allow you to reach a wider demographic without the cost of traditional advertising. Retail displays, on the other hand, are an essential part of attracting walk-in customers. Creative and well-designed retail displays can draw attention to your products or services.

Van Graphics Displayed on Vehicle for First Copy