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Funeral Order of Service Printing with Indigo Ross

Planning a funeral service can be a difficult and emotional endeavour.

As funeral directors, you are tasked with ensuring that your client’s loved one is remembered in the best way possible. A meaningful order of service is an important part of this process.

At Indigo Ross, we understand the importance of quality when it comes to funeral orders of service and we offer local, reliable printing services that produce high-quality products.

Order of Service Printing and Design

Why Choose Indigo Ross?

At Indigo Ross, we are proud to be a trusted source for funeral order of service printing. We specialize in producing mementos of the service that will be cherished by the family and friends in attendance.

If you already have artwork or a template design ready to go, we can print from that; otherwise, our experienced team can design a template specifically for your needs that you can use every time you request an order from us.

All we need from you is the wording and images you would like incorporated into the design!

We also offer alternative materials for additional pages as needed and provide shipping, collection or delivery services depending on what works best for you.

Additionally, if desired, we provide photo boards which are ideal for memorialising a departed loved one in public spaces during wakes or funerals.

Funeral Order of Service Printing

The Quality You Deserve

At Indigo Ross, we pride ourselves on producing quality products at prices our clients can afford.

We understand how important it is to have an order of service that accurately reflects the life and legacy of your client’s departed loved one; therefore, all our products are hand finished with care and attention to even the smallest detail.

Every aspect of production is overseen by our experienced team so that each product meets our highest standard of quality before it leaves us.

When selecting a funeral order of service printing company, trust matters most! At Indigo Ross, we understand how important high-quality products are when commemorating the life and legacy of someone special who has passed away.

Funeral Order of Service Design & Printing

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With fast turnaround times and competitive rates, choosing us means peace-of-mind knowing that your clients will receive exactly what they need at an affordable price point they deserve.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help make planning a memorable memorial easier than ever!