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Why it is important to refresh your website

A New Year is upon us so why not take care of your online presence for your New Year’s resolution!

At Indigo Ross, we can help you start the year off with a fresh website redesign! A website refresh will modernise and ensure your up to date with the latest trends, practices, and technologies without having to worry about the structural integrity and performance changes of your website.

We recently refreshed our branding to coincide with that we gave our website a whole new look. In this blog post we will explain why it is important to give your website a refresh every now and then.

The online world is forever changing – what looked good 5 years ago will most probably be out of fashion today.

Why it is important to refresh your website

Google loves updates but what does a website refresh consist of?

1. Visual updates
Small logo edits, colour changes and even a font change. Subtle changes can really benefit a business. Not only making your website modern but creating an updated look will help maintain audience appeal!

2. Technology updates
Technology has updated so let us ensure your website is up to date too! Replacing old plugins, adding up to date code and do not forget the latest analytics! All this will ensure your website works more efficiently alongside increasing your security.

3. Sitemap update
Has your site got enough calls to action? Create a more focused CTA to your main objective. Your goals may have changed since you initially started your business. It is time to reflect that on your website and ensure your most valuable pages are highlighted first. We can find your high traffic pages through Google Analytics and with our data we can provide you with insights you may miss. This will ensure your website is converting with its highest potential.

4. SEO updates
As stated above Google loves updates and SEO is always evolving. Content is key however a redesign may help you rethink your keyword targeting. To guarantee your website is performing at its greatest we will crawl your website and provide you with a site audit. This will let you know where you can improve on your website.

5. New images
Can’t be a refresh without new images!
Ok, you can get some lovely stock images, but this is not great if every image on your website is someone else’s. People may think that your site is fake/untrustworthy. People buy from people; they like to see what they are buying or what they are getting. Stock images are great if you are starting out and want to get a website up and running. But as soon as you start to get your own imagery, use it.

6. Optimisation updates
One of the main reasons why you should give your website a refresh is the responsiveness of it. If your website was designed 10 years ago the likeliness of the site working on an iPhone 14 is very slim. With so many different size phones, tablets, and now even smart fridges! Website optimisation is key and without this you can lose out on potential customers. We will ensure your website is optimised for all devices allowing your website to reach its maximum audience. Find out how we can help you refresh your website and make it responsive by getting in touch.

Refresh over a redesign?

A refresh is not always the best option, sometimes your website may be too out of date and you will benefit much more from a rebuild. Not to worry Indigo Ross can help! If you are after a complete overhaul rather than a refresh, get in touch today!

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