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Why it’s best not to DIY your website

Having a good & reliable website is crucial to your business – in many cases a website is your sole ‘shop’ front.

It helps people become familiar with your brand, creates your brand position and gives your prospects a detailed review of the products and services you offer.

During these challenging financial times, you may be asking yourself if it is the best time to invest in a professionally designed and built website. You may even be seeking out ways to build your website for free, or on the cheap using DIY website builders.

Here are a few reasons as to why you are better off using a professional and experienced website designer instead of a DIY website platform:

Website design and built by Indigo Ross for Barnet Window Company

Poor SEO / Ineffective SEO

Website builders are rarely search engine friendly. There are many technical issues with the way these websites work in regards to SEO performance. If your website is not optimised, then your potential customers might never be able to even find you. Your competitors will show-up at the top of the search engine results and yours will be buried way down the rankings! 

Just 25% of people go to the second page of Google, meaning 75% will stick to just the first page. 

Locked into the platform

So you get your business going, and you need to expand the site and add some more functionality not offered by the limited free systems!? You are stuck! The site cannot be moved or enhanced! To facilitate this, the only option is a full site rebuild!

If you are looking for a website where you have much more flexibility, it will likely save you in the long run by investing the time and money in a professionally built and designed site from the start.

Flexibility is not there

You will quickly become frustrated with the lack of flexibility these websites have to offer. Updating the font or adding white space is sometimes difficult to achieve if you’d like to customise the appearance of your website.

You’ll find it hard to find a professional marketing agency that will want to work with your site

Marketing agencies prefer it if your website was built using a platform such as WordPress. There is much more room to improve on your SEO and you are able to amend the website easily, creating a more scalable and extensible website.

Web design and development takes experience and practice

It takes years to become a good web designer. Most people do not understand the principles of design or how to use typography. Platforms will tell you that you don’t need any experience or knowledge of that but it’s simply not the case if you want to perform well on search engines! Similarly with the ‘tech’ guy that can fix your PC – you wouldn’t take your PC to a web designer to be repaired, so why the other way round?!

So why use WordPress?

Websites Built using Wordpress

The construction of a good WordPress website can be simple or complex depending on how you want your website to behave and the functionality required. With fully editable themes, WordPress comes with a simple dashboard with menu options listed in the sidebar. You can create posts, pages, projects, testimonials, pretty much anything you want your website to have WordPress can accomplish.

There are literally 1000’s of plugins available for almost any scenario saving cost on bespoke development, and all can be edited to your specific requirements.

Integrations are also possible if needed, for example we have linked eBay, Manomano, Stripe, Google Reviews, Trustpilot, Instagram, Facebook Shop, the list goes on! Indigo Ross creates beautiful bespoke WordPress websites – from simple small business entry level websites to full e-commerce sites.

Want to work with us?

When it comes to WordPress Indigo Ross can help you with the Design, Hosting, Maintenance, and Search Engine Optimisation. We have the web design skills and technical expertise to make sure your website works hard for you. Get in touch today and one of our team would be happy to help.