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What is a landing page?

In online marketing a landing page is a unique page created to convert users into leads. Contrasting from the main website the landing page will guide users with repeated and engaging call to actions.

Landing pages are great for new products, selling tickets, promoting a new/featured service, or even increasing your mailing list!

There are no limitations to how many landing pages you can create, as long as you are marketing them correctly and writing them with SEO in mind the more the better!

WordPress Website Design for Forever Garden Metal Artwork by Indigo Ross in Sudbury, Suffolk

Designing your Landing Page

Users landing on your page are already searching for a specific result. Speak in a direct manner with minimal distractions and most importantly have a search term in mind!

For example “Web Design and Development in Sudbury” would be great for us to target the local market who are searching for a new website!

When writing your landing pages ensure you include as much information about the product/service however keep it precise and to the point. Overloading the page with content can deter conversions.

Marketing your Landing Page with Indigo Ross

Have you completed your landing page but not getting many hits?

At Indigo Ross we can help make sure your landing pages are using the correct keywords to ensure you rank highly on Google!

With our SEO services we can guide and track your keywords to provide you further information on how to get the best out of your written content!

Don’t forget to share your landing page across your marketing platforms such as your social media and email marketing. Give us at Indigo Ross a call today and we will help you achieve your targets.